Download cydia on ios7.1.2 Apple Devices

Download cydia to iOS7.1.2 is now able with pangu jailbreak tool which was released by a Chinese team called ‘pangu’.  Pangu1.2.1 is the latest release of pangu jailbreak versions. Since it is only available for Windows Mac users have to jailbreak with pangu 1.2. You can download cydia on iOS7.1.2 wih this latest pangu jailbreak tool. However pangu provides an untethered jailbreak tool to your idevice and let’s see how to download cydia on iOS7.1.2 with pangu jailbreak.

pangu 1.2.1


  • IOS7.1.x device
  • Windows PC or Mac OS X
  • iTunes (Windows users)
  • Full battery charge device
  • Few minutes from your precious time

How to download cydia on iOS7.1.2 using pangu jailbreak

1st step: pangu download from here

2nd step: plug in the iOS7.1.2 device and begin the jailbreak application by clicking ‘jailbreak’

3rd step: change the date on your Apple device

4th step: finally you will appear cydia on your device ensuring successful iOS7.1.2 jailbreak and now you have

download cydia on iOS7.1.2.

Download cydia on iOS7.1.2 with pangu jailbreak – video guide

We guess that above video guide will provide a better idea on pangu jailbreak and download cydia. So as soon as possible download pangu jailbreak and enjoy with unlimited cydia apps.

So now you can easily jailbreak your device using pangu jailbreak tool and it will download cydia on iOS7.1.2.

OS X Yosemite Preview 6 released to Developers

OS X Yosemite preview 6 released before few hours by apple team. But this is released only for developers. OS X Yosemite was a keynote of WWDC 2014 too. This brings new features with it such as,

  • Developed Notification Center
  • Fresh iCloud Drive integration
  • Mail Drop

OS X yosemite

You already know that the latest OS X Yosemite Preview version out after two weeks of the release of fifth developer preview. OS X Yosemite DP6 is now available through Software Update on Mac App repository, and on the Mac Dev Center

Compatible Macs with OS X Yosemite

  • MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
  • MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
  • iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)
  • Xserve (Early 2009)


Keep staying with us to know more  details on OS X Yosemite preview 6. We are ready to provide many more details as soon as we get details.

iOS7.1.2 jailbreak with pangu

iOS7.1.2 jailbreak is now available with pangu jailbreak tool. Pangu jailbreak tool is the latest jailbreak tool available currently. However currently latest pangu jailbreak tool is pangu1.2.1 version. iOS7.1.2 jailbreak with pangu 1.2.1 is a windows based jailbreak and Mac users can use pangu1.2 version to jailbreak iOS7.1.2. pangu provides an untethered jailbreakto your device and let’s see how to iOS7.1.2 jailbreak using pangu latest versions.

pangu 1.2.1

iOS7.1.2 jailbreak pangu firmware links are below. Download pangu latest versions from our direct download links below

pangu 1.2.1 download for Windows

pangu 1.2.1 download for Mac

Prepare followings to iOS7.1.2 jailbreak with pangu

  1. Latest iTunes installed
  2. Working windows or Mac
  3. iOS7.1.2 device(iOS7.1 and higher)

iOS7.1.2 jailbreak guide in step by step

Step 01- download pangu latest firmware version to your Windows or Mac

Step 02- connect your iOS device and launch download pangu jailbreak application

Step 03- click on ‘jailbreak’ now

Step 04- then you should change the device date as 2nd June 2014.

Step 05- now allow the pangu jailbreak process to complete the iOS7.1.2 jailbreak by itself.

iOS7.1.2 jailbreak important facts- Read me

  1. free download pangu 1.2 and pangu 1.2.1 from above links to have an untethered jailbreak iOS7.1.2
  2. pangu1.2.1 will let the windows users to fix crashing issue
  3. Mac users are unable to use pangu1.2.1. they can use pangu1.2 for iOS7.1.2 jailbreak
  4. You need to have a complete backup before launch pangu iOS7.1.2 jailbreak download
  5. If there were any error while the pangu jailbreak process refresh all and restart the jailbreak process

pangu iOS7.1.2 jailbreak on video

Pangu developer credits going to – pangu team

You can use pangu latest versions and easily have an untethered jailbreak to your iDevices. Here in this article you can have a better idea on pangu iOS7.1.2 jailbreak.